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Coach With Eurico - Unleash Your True Potential with a Sports Mindset Coach

Amateur and professional sports are so competitive today that becoming the best requires planning, dedication, and unending practice. The first hurdle you must cross as an athlete is understanding how you can unlock your full potential. That’s why sports psychology for athletes is more important than ever.

Eurico helps athletes attain a higher level of performance and discover the professional focus that they need to succeed.

Globally renowned, record-breaking jockey, and twice winner of the Queen’s Plate, Eurico Rosa da Silva knows the mental and physical investment you need to make to reach the top. Today, he offers world-class mindset coaching that helps sportsmen and sportswomen define clear goals for themselves and how they can achieve them. His goal is simple – perfecting your preparation!

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Mindset Coaching for Athletes

Winning is not just a mindset. Nor is it just haphazardly working on strengths and weaknesses. Winning requires SMART goals, mental fortitude, and preparation.

Setting Goals

We work closely with every athlete to understand their goals and develop personalized sports psychology for athletes. We focus on clear, defined goals for mental skills training. Strong mental discipline will help you overcome many obstacles and set you on the path to becoming the best. With the help of a sports mindset coach, you will learn to:

  • Improve focus
  • Raise motivation
  • Increase confidence
  • Live a growth mentality
  • Increase intensity of training
  • Build athletic skills
  • Shorten recovery from injury
  • Handle competition pressure

The right mindset will give you belief in your goals and in your ability to reach them!

Mindset Coaching for Sports Teams

Amateur and professional teams spend so much time and effort building their physical performance. But many don’t focus on the most critical factor of all – the mind! Sports mindset coaching helps teams in all disciplines, at all levels, strengthen morale, teamwork, and interplay.

A strong team knows how to win – the strongest team knows how to bounce back from defeat.

An accredited sports mindset coach, Eurico Rosa da Silva consults with teams – as a group and individually – to maximize their potential. Our sports psychology programs help synergize personal performances into team performance. Our techniques help teams sustain morale and learn constructively from their on-field performance.

We begin by understanding your goals for your team, working out an individualized mindset coaching program. This includes workshops, mental training regimen, and giving tools to incorporate into your regular practice.

  • Investigate your team’s requirements.
  • Determine appropriate mindset coaching
  • Conduct one-on-one consultations.
  • Apply techniques and monitor performance.
  • Receive feedback from team members.

Sports Psychology For Athletes

Eurico Rosa Da Silva is a former professional jockey. Over a nearly two-decade career, he racked up more than 2,900 wins; won the Queen’s Plate twice, in 2009 and 2010; and is a seven-time winner of Sovereign Awards as Canada’s Outstanding Jockey. An accredited performance coach and NLP practitioner, he helps athletes and sportspeople achieve excellence.

 Talk to us and find out how Eurico can be your greatest ally in unlocking your true potential. We offer one-on-one sports mindset coaching, group workshops, and seminars. Now you can stop searching for a “mindset coach near me,” too! Eurico is available for virtual talks and workshops!

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