Mindset Coaching with Eurico Rosa da Silva for USA Professional Jockeys

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Getting the results that you want in any amateur or professional sport requires a lot of hard work. You need hours of practice and a lot of determination and commitment to stay on top.

Just like any competitive sport in the USA, you need to be physically and mentally fit to be a jockey. And just like most competitive sports, meeting the demands of horse racing and being the best involves a lot of pressure. 

One key difference about being a professional jockey is the need to maintain a low body mass to qualify for a race. The need to meet specific weight requirements before every race creates a lot of tension and anxiety for jockeys. This, apart from having the right stamina, balance and coordination, leaves a lot of opportunities to develop the right mindset.

Do Jockeys in the USA Need Mindset Coaching?

There are a lot of strategies to build up one’s mental health. Mindset coaching, in particular, is all about rewiring a person’s beliefs and behaviors. This is to give way to developing capabilities and unleash their potential. A mindset coach explores the core of a person’s passions and motivation to create tools and strategies that allow them to perform better.

Mindset coaching for USA professional jockeys helps:

  • Seek underlying reasons for a jockey’s stress and anxiety.
  • Understand a jockey’s goals and objectives.
  • Rewire a jockey’s mindset to use their anxiety and stress to achieve their goals.
  • Develop techniques that allow jockeys to address these core issues.

Professional jockeys in the USA are often pulled in many different directions on and off the tracks. This can cause a lot of stress. Often, this can lead to poor planning and decision-making. This is where jockey coaching in the USA can step in.

The Jockey Mindset

As a highly accomplished jockey himself, your mind coach, Eurico Rosa da Silva, understands that creating a jockey mindset is one of the keys to a successful career in the USA. Jockey coaching can help establish the right tools and techniques to foster the right mindset to achieve greatness.

A jockey mindset is having a level of mental toughness that gets the job done. It is what can help a jockey to cope with the demands of the sport. Jockey coaching with Eurico aims to develop strategies to practice mental toughness in every aspect of what you do. It is learning how to be resilient and focused regardless of any stressful and high-pressure circumstance such as a high-stakes race.

Mental toughness can also supersede physical strength. It can even help you build physical toughness. Having a tough mind allows for more discipline in terms of exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. It also provides the right state of mind that can make smart and creative decisions while on the course.

Having the right jockey mindset allows a USA professional jockey the right tools to become physically and mentally fit for success.

How the Jockey Coaching Program in the USA Works

In USA professional sports, it is very common to invest in your physical abilities. It involves a lot of hours spent training to hone your skills and develop physical strength to bear the demands of the job.

Investing in both physical and mental training is crucial for success. A holistic approach to being “fit” is the key to reaching your personal and professional goals. This includes training your mind as well as your body.

A jockey coaching program helps USA professional jockeys not just achieve their physical goals but also have the right mindset to be the best racer they can be. It can involve any number of the following:

  1. Handle competition pressure.
  2. Develop the right self-esteem.
  3. Foster a growth mindset.
  4. Increase endurance and focus.
  5. Learn mental toughness.

Jockey coaching with Eurico Rosa da Silva helps you work toward discovering what you are capable of and maximizing your potential to win.

Mindset Coaching for USA Professional Jockeys

Eurico Rosa Da Silva is a former professional jockey. His record-breaking career has gotten him thousands of wins and multiple awards that include the Queen’s Plate as well as Sovereign’s Awards as Canada’s Outstanding Jockey.

As a former professional jockey, he has the right knowledge and experience to understand the pressures that horse-racing can have. His accreditation as a performance coach and experience as an NLP practitioner makes him the right person to provide help for jockeys who want to unleash their true potential.

Be the best jockey that you can be in the USA today! Book an appointment with Eurico Rosa Da Silva and start your journey to success.

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