Mindset Coaching for Canadian Hockey Teams with Eurico Rosa da Silva

Hockey indeed is one of the most physical sports out there. Strength, agility, speed, and power are required to be a successful hockey player in Canada. These physical requirements can make it hard to give attention to other aspects that can make you perform well on the ice.

Whether you are part of an amateur team or the NHL, your physical ability has probably always been given more importance. However, there is now a move towards a holistic approach in developing a player’s potential.

Focusing on both mental health and physical fitness can have significant effects on a player’s performance. The combined can have an impact on teamwork, self-esteem, as well as team interaction. This is where mindset coaching for hockey teams can be applied.

What is Mindset Coaching in Canada?

Coaching in itself is guiding a person or a team from where they are to where they want to be. In Canadian hockey, it’s all about providing players with the fundamental skills and physical training to attain individual and team success.

On the other hand, mindset coaching puts more focus on rewiring a player’s mindset to unleash their full potential and be exceptional in his or her field. It is a wonderful self-discovery of what can stop a player from being great and having the right tools to get past it. A Canadian mindset coach for hockey seeks to understand an individual’s:

  • Beliefs
  • Habits
  • Behavior patterns
  • Passions
  • Fears
  • And more

Mental Coaching for Hockey in Canada

Burnout is a reality in any sport, including hockey. NHL hockey players Alex Goligoski and Cam Atkinson for example, at some point in their career, have admitted to feeling burned out and losing the love for the game.

Athlete burnout is only one of the factors that can prevent a player from doing their best. It makes it all the more important that you take care of both your mind and your body for optimum success.

Mindset coaching for Canadian hockey teams can be the key difference between a high-performing hockey team and one that is constantly struggling. The goal of mental coaching for hockey teams is to understand an individual’s goal and how that connects with creating a winning team.

A mindset coach for hockey players can help:

  • Build confidence

Low self-esteem can make a huge difference in a player’s ability to play well. The nagging self-doubt can make you overthink or second-guess your strategies. A mindset coach in Canada can help give players the right tools to build and maintain self-confidence on and off the ice.

  • Increase focus and motivation

Identifying the key factors that prevent you from playing your best is the key step to creating the right mindset strategies. That self-awareness can help you better at emotional management. The right tools can keep you focused on your goals. Moreover, it can motivate you to play your best every single time.

  • Handle anxiety and pressure

One of the most challenging mental hurdles of being a hockey player in Canada is the anxiety and pressure weighing on you. This can occur even before a game or a season starts. Your mindset coach, Eurico Rosa da Silva, knows the difference between a band-aid solution and a more substantial one. He seeks to understand the underlying cause of your anxiety and pressure. This is to make sure the right skills and techniques are practiced, and these feelings are channeled into unleashing a player’s full potential.

  • Instill a growth mindset

A growth mindset is recognizing that you have room to learn and grow. It is your ability to not fear failure and treat it as a stepping stone to being a better hockey player. Shifting the focus on what you can potentially do instead of what you think you can’t do is an important process for success.

Mindset Coaching for Canadian Hockey Teams

Eurico Rosa Da Silva is a former professional jockey whose record-breaking career has made him one of the best jockeys in the world. He is an accredited performance coach and NLP practitioner, seeking to help athletes and executives be the best in their field.

Whether you are looking for one-on-one sports mindset coaching or a hockey team aiming for the championship in Canada, Eurico can help! Book an appointment today and start your mindset coaching journey.

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